Generation Unlimited Brochure September 2019

Generation Unlimited enables young people to become productive engaged members of society


Generation Unlimited enables young people to become productive engaged members of society


If the largest generation of young people in history is prepared for the transition to work, the potential for global progress is unlimited A demographic boom is happening across much of the world, bringing the potential to transform economic and social outcomes, raise global productivity, and reduce inequality, but only if we create enough opportunity. Today’s young people represent the largest cohort ever – an unprecedented 1.8 billion – who require a new inclusive approach, given the extraordinary economic, social and cultural challenges they face. It’s the world’s best interests, especially in developing markets, to invest in young people so productivity rises, standards of living improve, and human capital investments grow. Preparing young people for the world of work will benefit regional economies, increase security, advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve the well-being of millions of families and communities.


GenU was established in 2018 as a global multi-sector partnership to meet the urgent need for expanded education, training and employment opportunities for young people, ages 10-24, on an unprecedented scale. Despite the challenges that exist - or perhaps because of them! - leaders around the world are responding positively to GenU’s mission and asking how they can help. Politicians, CEOs, foundation heads, and civic leaders are recognizing that forging innovative collaborations with young people at the center is the best way forward. With leadership from UNICEF, the Wold Bank, the Netherlands, Ireland, Dubai Cares, Unilever and others, GenU is developing a powerful approach to bridge education and training to employment and entrepreneurship on a massive scale.

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