Generation Unlimited Key Messages September 2019

When the largest generation of young people in history is prepared for the transition to work and engaged citizenship, the potential for progress is unlimited


One quarter of the world’s population is between the ages of 10-24. Harnessing this demographic wave can transform the social, economic, and political destinies of societies. With 1 in every 5 young person age 15-24 not in school, training, or employment (NEET)1 , there is an urgent need for global efforts and opportunities for youth to succeed. In low income countries only 8 per cent of young people achieve a minimum level of secondary skills compared to 70 per cent in high income countries.

Generation Unlimited is a new multi-sector public-private partnership that contributes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and aims to:

  • Modernize secondary education and training to build the skills young people need for productive lives and work.
  • Increase and improve the number of quality work opportunities available to youth.
  • Foster entrepreneurship as a mindset and a livelihood for young people.
  • Collaborate with youth as problem-solvers and engaged citizens to help create the world they want.

Generation Unlimited brings together the private sector, governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, and young people by:

  • Attracting investment at global and national levels to make effective programmes grow and achieve results for millions of young people. US $1 million catalytic investment in programs in the youth education, employment, training and entrepreneurship fields has a lifetime return of US$50 million in impact for youth and society.
  • Scaling innovations, brokering investments and shared value partnership in areas such as digital connectivity, remote learning and work, entrepreneurship, job-matching platform, mental health and the green economy, among others.
  • Co-creating solutions with youth to ensure they are drivers and agents of social change.

Generation Unlimited is a global movement for every young person to thrive and succeed in life.

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