Generation Unlimited Launches Young People’s Action Team

Activists, Innovators, and Changemakers Join Group of Young Leaders for Global Action

Generation Unlimited
YPAT Collage
Generation Unlimited
22 October 2019

Generation Unlimited is excited to announce the launch of the Young People’s Action Team (YPAT), a new group of young leaders with strong and expansive grassroot networks who have significant experience in policy and practice in the key areas of Generation Unlimited; education, training, skills, entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

The YPAT is being established for the systematic and meaningful engagement of young people in the decision-making process of Generation Unlimited at local, regional and global levels. They’ll serve as a sounding board to Generation Unlimited, ensuring that the voices of young people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, are heard by the partnership’s governance structures and taken into consideration in planning and operationalization.

The first 8 YPAT members were nominated by Generation Unlimited partner organisations, UNICEF Country Offices, and other youth-focused organisations/federations, and an open selection process for six candidates will be hosted via Generation Unlimited in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Learn more below about the first 8 new Generation Unlimited YPAT members below:

Eglantina Avdiu

Eglantina Avdiu, 22, Kosovo, works as a mentor at BONEVET makerspace, a child-friendly environment designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, imagination and creativity. She combined her passion for art and desire for social change through founding a social enterprise, “3DX”, that empowers young people with Down syndrome to create and sell their own 3D printed models. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Prishtina.

James Okina

James Okina, 20, Nigeria, founded “Street Priests” at the age of 15 to transform the lives of street children through a youth-led movement in Nigeria that to date has impacted over 3,300 children. Inspired by his own experience, Street Priests Inc. Runs community programs that combine social and emotional learning to help reintegrate at-risk youth into society.

Ulises Brengi

Ulises Brengi, 22, Argentina, started a youth-empowerment initiative at 16 that focused on recycling in public high schools, works to engage young people on human rights, and now studies Landscape Architecture in Buenos Aires while also serving youth-led organization “Eidos Global” to equip young people with soft and digital skills for the future of work.

Victoria Quaynor

Victoria Quaynor, 21, Ghana, works as a Child Rights advocate at “Curious Minds”, a broadcasting platform centered around ensuring that all children and young people are well informed and participating in decision-making that affects their lives by advocating, generation knowledge, sharing information, building partnerships and training young activists at local and national levels. Victoria is a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism and a UNICEF Young Leader on Primary Health Care.

Elvira Kalmurzaeva

Elvira Kalmurzaeva, 28 Kyrgyzstan, serves as the Executive Director of “IDEA Central Asia”, has experience working with youth organizations and programs, and is knowledgeable on the political and socio-economic context of human rights and youth issues in the Central Asian region. She is a former OSCE Youth Ambassador and the Speaker of the Kyrgyz Youth Parliament.

Rafik Amrani

Rafik Amrani, 19, Algeria, founded the project “Beyond Tekhmamek” (Beyond Your Thinking), a project that aims at making education more useful by modernizing it with the corresponding global challenges. At his organization, they promote the STEM & Soft-skills among young students. Through his project, he was selected as a 2018 Global Changemaker.

Tahsin Uddin

Tahsin Uddin, 21, Bangladesh, empowers young people in his community to tackle climate change and promote children’s rights through the “Lal Sabuj Society” he created in 2015. At the age of 12, Tahsin started publishing a monthly newspaper named “The Monthly Lal Sabuj” to promote children’s creativity as well as write on the impact of climate change on children in his community.

Cynthia Nyongesa

Cynthia Nyongesa, 24, Kenya, founded the blog and brand “Cynthia Untamed” to highlight the stories of young people who are positively impacting their communities. She also interviews CEOs, gamechangers, and influencers to inspire young people. Cynthia is an advocate for the rights of children and a UN Volunteer with UNICEF Kenya.

Another reminder, stay tuned for more news and details about the open selection process for six candidates that will be hosted via Generation Unlimited in the coming weeks!