Partner profile: New York Academy of Sciences

Leveraging the World’s Smartest Network®, Generation Unlimited works with the New York Academy of Sciences to reach and upskill youth across the globe.


Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are critical for jobs of the future. As technology and innovation change the face of the global economy and the way people and nations interact, there is an unprecedented need for youth – no matter their location or resources – to gain STEM and 21st century skills.

The New York Academy of Sciences has forged partnerships and developed multiple virtual opportunities in STEM to reach, mentor, and unite youth across the globe. As an official partner of Generation Unlimited, the Academy’s programmes and resources serve as powerful new tools in the global upskilling effort.

Together, Generation Unlimited and the New York Academy of Sciences will launch STEM and 21st century skill-building programming in several priority countries, catalyze public-private partnerships to bring opportunities to youth everywhere, and drive agendas on the key global domains of policy, practice, and decision making. The partnership will leverage the New York Academy of Sciences’ World’s Smartest Network®, which connects professional scientists and aspiring students from around the world with each other and expert mentors.