Generation Unlimited India: Call For Solutions

Promoting innovative solutions to the learning, skilling, employment and youth engagement challenges faced by young people in India.


Generation Unlimited India's strategy and mission is to enable India’s youth and connect them to aspirational work and engage them as active change-makers.

Apply to YuWaah – Generation Unlimited to join a collaborative platform of solution providers for youth in India

India has the world’s largest youth population with 333 million aged between 10 – 24 years who have bold aspirations. However, they face several challenges that stand in the way of their dreams:

1. 50% of students drop-out of school before completing class 101

2. 30% of youth are not in education, employment or training2

3. 93% of the workforce is largely employed in the informal sector3

To truly reap India’s demographic dividend, we need to bring together solutions that enable young people to realise their aspirations.

YuWaah - Generation Unlimited is looking for solutions that connect India’s youth to aspirational work and engage them as active changemakers.

What is Generation Unlimited?

Generation Unlimited, called YuWaah! in India, is a multi-stakeholder alliance. It will help prepare India’s youth, connect them to aspirational work and engage them as active change makers.

By 2030 YuWaah! will create:

a. Employment and entrepreneurship: Work with private sector to build pathways to aspirational economic opportunities for 100 million youth (through a focus on job matching and mass entrepreneurship)

b. 21st century life skills: Facilitate 200 million youth to gain relevant skills for productive lives and the future of work (through a focus on career counselling, 21st Century Skills, quality internships and apprenticeships)

c. Youth engagement: Equip 300 million youth as problem solvers by engaging them as catalysts of societal change

Call for solutions 

Recognising that many promising solutions are yet to be discovered, GenU is putting out a call for interventions that are demonstrating their impact on the ground.   

Are you implementing innovative solutions to solve the learning, skilling, employment and youth engagement challenges faced by young people in India? If so apply for the Call for Solutions  

YuWaah - Generation Unlimited is now accepting applications! 

Who should apply?  

YuWaah is an invitation to come together for learning, collaborating and co-creating. We’re looking for innovative market-based and civil society solutions that will solve the challenges faced by the young people in India. We are entity agnostic, and looking for solutions across models including non-profits, social enterprises, corporate solutions, collective efforts. We believe in your solutions, and its power to unlock the potential of young people in this country!  

Why should you apply?  

The objective of this call is to explore the possibility of identifying, scaling-up or partnering with solutions that are already working on the ground to help build a better future for young people in India.  

You should apply if your organization is actively working towards one of the three GenU areas of intervention described above: employment and entrepreneurship, access to 21st century skills, youth engagement.

We request you to check for eligibility basis the criteria before applying. 

Eligibility Criteria  

Organisation works towards one of the three GenU pillars: 

  • Employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Access to 21st century skills.
  • Youth engagement.

Solutions are focused on adolescents between the ages of 10-15 or young people between the ages of 15-24.