Portable certification

Creating qualifications without borders.

A young Syrian man graduates in Jordan.

A young Syrian man graduates in Jordan.

How can we make sure that the certifications young people receive are portable and recognized across national boundaries?

The Issue

At present, there are approximately 232 million migrants around the world, representing 3.1 per cent of the global population. About 50 million of these migrants are children and adolescents; simultaneously, about one in eight migrants are between the age of 15 and 24.

However, their qualifications are not always recognized in the areas where they move. Additionally, prior job experience is often not recognized. This lack of portability makes it difficult for young migrants to find adequate jobs in their new homes.

The Opportunity

Recognition of migrant and refugee qualifications and experience can maximize their opportunities and the value of their contributions to local economies.

It can also increase the potential of remittances. In 2016, global remittances totalled US$575 billion, of which US$429 billion were transferred to developing countries. This exceeds the sum spent on ODA by three times.

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