GenU during the Global Entrepreneurship Week

GenU organized an Entrepreneur Exchange lunch with 3 entrepreneurs and young people to discuss their experiences, blunders, and tips on how to succeed.

Hana Sahatqija
11 December 2020
A portrait of Taha Bawa
A portrait of Sonal Kapoor
A portrait of Simon Puleston Jones

To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, Generation Unlimited hosted a virtual Entrepreneur Exchange Lunch whereby we had 3 entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs join us for a discussion with young people about their experience in entrepreneurship, their blunders, and tips and tricks. We had the good fortune of having with us:

  • Taha Bawa, the CEO and Co-Founder of Goodwall, a next-generation community for students and professionals to connect on shared interests, showcase themselves and discover learning and earning opportunities.
  • Sonal Kapoor, the Founder and Director of Protsahan, a social entreprise that works critically on child protection (from a healing and psychosocial lens) and encouraging young girls from difficult backgrounds to heal and reach their full potential with access to education, healthcare and gender justice.
  • Simon Puleston Jones, founder of WokenUp, the new global social media platform for social and environmental change.

The goal of the event was to have a transparent discussion with young people to learn more about the key positive steps to success in the speakers’ enterprises and the right conditions needed to ensure their business made it through their first year with a positive trajectory while at the same time hearing about their honest and transparent mistakes that proved to be lessons for their business.

The conversation was inspiring and vibrant and it highlighted the curiosity and keenness of young people to delve into entrepreneurship. It was evident from the discussion that youth entrepreneurship can be a tool that leads to sustainable economic growth and social development while offering self-reliance to the young entrepreneurs and job opportunities to the community as a positive spill-over effect.

Generation Unlimited strives to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship opportunities to young people and we look forward to working with our Young People’s Action Team and young Global Leadership Council members as we further hone our strategic vision on accessible, scaled and sustainable entrepreneurship skills and opportunities for young people globally.