Action Guide 1: Secondary Education and Skills

Action Guide 1: Secondary Education and Skills (Preview)


All young people need access to quality education and learning that would help them develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values they need to find and retain productive work, to make informed decisions, and to positively engage in their communities. 

However, millions of young people remain out of school or do not have access to quality learning opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn have made the challenges facing young people even more pressing, as shrinking labour markets leave low-skilled young people with fewer choices, and render them more vulnerable to exploitation.

There is a need for a radical re-think of what works, seeking a radical improvement in traditional curricula, the number of trained professional teachers, student–teacher ratios, and the teaching methods and strict school timetables that have become less relevant to the current needs of young people.

Action Guide 1: Secondary Education and Skills (Preview)

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