Our work

Find out how we’re helping young people to be their best and give their all.

A boy sits against a bright wall, looking at the camera in Argentina.

By 2030 there will be 2 billion young women and men seeking opportunities for a bright future throughout the world.

If these young people are prepared with the right skills for work, they will live out their full potential and lift up entire nations. But investments in learning and training are falling short and too many young people are not keeping pace with the evolving demands of employment.

Generation Unlimited brings young people together with the private sector, governments, international and local organizations to tackle this urgent challenge. We are connecting secondary-age education and training to a complex and fast-changing world of work. We’re matching young people with job opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship and empowering a generation to fully engage with their societies as active citizens.

Country partnerships and investments

Transformative change for young people is only possible when we create an open platform for dialogue and partnership; where national governments, the private sector, international organizations and civil society unite with young people behind a shared vision of progress.

Generation Unlimited is developing country-level partnerships to support bold investment agendas. We are building on local and national efforts and tailoring plans to meet the key priorities, needs and conditions of each country. We’re securing strong commitments from the highest levels of government, leveraging the full resources of businesses and putting young people at the heart of decision making. We are excited to share more as our strategy evolves.


We are identifying country-specific challenges affecting young people in their transition to work and engaged citizenship, and we’re co-creating and scaling up solutions with great potential for impact.

Youth Challenge

We are helping young people to become co-creators and develop their own innovative solutions to the challenges in their lives. Find out how we’re unlocking potential in 40 countries worldwide.

Promising Ideas and innovating at scale

A girl raises her hand in class in Djibouti.

We are turning major trends into transformative change for young people.

Throughout the world, local communities are creating innovations with extraordinary potential to improve lives. Yet progress for young people is not assured. We need new efforts to accelerate the pace of change and elevate innovations to greater scale across countries and regions. Generation Unlimited is forging new partnerships to leverage investments and deliver opportunities for young people who would otherwise miss out.



Our priorities

Generation Unlimited will focus on seven strategic priorities to address the biggest global challenges and draw on the expertise of the partnership.

  1. Ensure secondary school experience transmits skills that young people need for the future of work.
  2. Provide young people outside the school system with opportunities for training and skills development.
  3. Improve connections between job seekers and work opportunities.
  4. Improve access to quality work opportunities for young people.
  5. Foster broad-based entrepreneurship as a mindset and a livelihood.
  6. Ensure equitable access to education, training, entrepreneurship, employment and civic participation.
  7. Equip young people as problem-solvers, contributing to a better world.

Connecting secondary-age education and skills with the workplace

Wa’ed, a Syrian girl, writes in her notebook during class at a refugee camp in Jordan.

“We will go learn, study and change our lives. Only education will make us stronger.”

Wa’ed, 16-year-old Syrian refugee in Jordan.

Bright young minds like Wa’ed are determined to learn but nearly 200 million adolescents aged 12 to 17 are out of school. They need more support to access quality education and other opportunities to start training and building their skills.

Meanwhile, too many students are emerging from secondary school without the right skills for the future of work. 35% of core skills are predicted to change between 2015 and 2020. It’s time to urgently align school curricula with the needs of the modern labour force.

Creating pathways to jobs

A young man sits at a computer in Ghana, smiling towards the camera

“I have very big dreams. I’m inspired by many leading journalists. One day, I will be like one of them.”

Emmanuel, 18, in Ghana.

While the global population of young people has grown, their participation in the workforce has declined. Young people, especially young women, need support to transition from education and training to quality and decent work.

Generation Unlimited is strengthening apprenticeships and internships to give young people real work experience. We’re supporting job matching programs to help guide job seekers to work opportunities. We’re fostering youth entrepreneurship as both a livelihood for small-scale business owners and as a mindset for all young people to adapt to the modern economy.

Supporting engaged citizens

Mesiha, a 15-year-old girl, wears a Generation Unlimited symbol at a workshop in Kosovo.

"I have the ideas and willpower to make a change.”

Mesiha, 15, in Kosovo.

Young people need support to understand their rights, voice their opinions and actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. When they start at a disadvantage, girls need extra support. Generation Unlimited helps young women and men to build confidence, engage with their communities and open doors to equal opportunities.

Our Strategy

If the largest generation of young people in history is prepared for the transition to work, the potential for global progress is unlimited.

Read more about Generation Unlimited's strategy to meet the urgent need for expanded education, training and employment opportunities for young people, ages 10-24, on an unprecedented scale.