Meet the Unlimited | Patrick Obumselu

Patrick Obumselu is a digital marketer and a photographer from Nigeria who participated in the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2019/20.

Patrick Obumselu
11 June 2020
Patrick Obumselu

"We need education. Education is key as a driver for social change."

My name is Patrick Obumselu. I am a digital marketer and a photographer. I graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe university, Awka, Nigeria with a BSc. In microbiology and brewing. My time as a student was not fulfilling because school was all about getting good grades learning was not practical, I only had the privilege to use a microscope for the first time during my told year in the university.

Learning in Nigeria is basically theoretical and little or no practicals are done. In this faulty system, instructions are only based on textbooks, lectures, and individual written assignments. Because of this, learning is not done in real-time and 'life science' is never delivered. Students only learn by imagining things taught by teachers or read from a textbook.

This system produces graduates who feel like they wasted two decades of their lives learning things and never appropriated the knowledge. I went through this system personally, and I want to change this situation to improve the quality of education in Nigeria.

I served as a school teacher in the national youth service corps, and I found out that 80% of the students in the school are not participating in the learning activities fully, school has become a burden forced on them by their patents so they have to endure it till they reach 18 years and then they can dropout of school without anybody stopping them.

I want to change the narrative, I want to be able to impact the lives of young people for them to rise up to become change makers and begin to foster great innovations in our society.