Plan 12 - Learn to transform

A plan created by and for young people to develop and put into practice 12 transferable skills for today's changing world.

UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean
Plan 12 - Learn to transform
UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean
28 July 2020

This web-page was originally published via the UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office here.


This initiative responds to the changing reality presented by COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean and the urgent need to expand opportunities for adolescents to continue their learning trajectories.

PLAN 12 is led by adolescents and young people as it is their ideas that will contribute to reimaging and building together a better world.

Skills Plan 12

Every week we will present a skill, through: 🎙 Podcasts, 🎬 Videos, 💪 Challenge, 💻 E-Learning 

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Plan 12 builds on the 12 skills included in the UNICEF Conceptual Framework on Transferable Skills, with an emphasis on active participation, reflection and implementation of these skills in such changing times.

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