Bob Moritz: "Platforms like GenU will be key to delivering the impact the world needs."

Bob Moritz's remarks at the UN’s High-level Thematic Debate on Digital Cooperation and Connectivity

Generation Unlimited
Bob Moritz picture
Generation Unlimited
07 May 2021

“President of the General Assembly,

“Secretary-General of the United Nations,

“Distinguished Delegates,

“It is my profound honor to address the United Nations General Assembly at this critical moment.

“Across the world, we’re facing a growing digital divide, exacerbated by the pandemic.

“Every day, vulnerable people, including the young, are looking for opportunities to better themselves and provide for their loved ones.

“This meeting has been convened to promote a “Whole of Society” approach to end the digital divide. I would like to share a great example of how such an approach can deliver impact for young people. 

“Generation Unlimited is a public youth private partnership platform – hosted by UNICEF – which is focused on upskilling youth and connecting them to opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, social impact, and prosperity.

“It is unique because it puts youth at the heart of everything it does, and because it partners meaningfully with the private sector to achieve sustained goals and objectives for the world to benefit.

“This is not just a donor relationship. It’s a relationship where the private sector brings world-class solutions, know-how, networks and capital to the partnership.

“It’s also an ongoing exchange of learning, for everyone involved to benefit.

“I am proud that PwC is deeply engaged with Generation Unlimited. It’s one of the ways we’re helping to address the skills challenge which is core to our purpose to help build trust in society and solve our important problems.

“For example, in India, we’re collaborating to create a platform to connect 300 million young people to career guidance, training and jobs, and make sure their voice—the voice of youth—is represented in the formulation of public policy.

“This is just one example. Generation Unlimited is working with many other companies including Microsoft, Unilever, SAP, IKEA, Royal DSM and more.

“But we need more of these collaborations, and we collaborations with government and community leaders. And we need them fast.

“Stakeholders from across sectors should work closely with member states in new and innovative ways.

“Platforms like Generation Unlimited are one of those innovative ways which will be key to bringing these groups together to ensure their efforts deliver the impact we all want to see, and that the world needs.

“By collaborating, we can begin to create more sustainable and inclusive economies and societies for all to benefit and prosper.

“I look forward to hearing more about the outcomes of the meeting and to understanding how Generation Unlimited, PwC, and many other participants can work together to deliver on our promises to young people around the world, as set out in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”