Welcoming the second cohort of the Young People’s Action Team

50 new young leaders join the esteemed action team

Generation Unlimited
GenU Ypat Snapshot from Zooom
Generation Unlimited
12 November 2021

New York—For the past 18 months, GenU has worked closely with seventeen young influential leaders that have operated in an advisory capacity across the different governance structures of GenU. In this short time, they have proven to be instrumental to GenU's work: whether through their membership in the Global Leadership Council or The Young People’s Action Team, these young leaders have acted as a vital sounding board and provide valuable inputs into strategic decision-making processes. Young people are at the heart of Generation Unlimited. They're not just recipients of the partnership's programs and initiatives but are equal partners who steer the partnership.

Building on this success, Generation Unlimited is pleased to welcome the second cohort of the Young People’s Action Team. After a robust, in-depth selection process, last month GenU welcomed 50 new young leaders to join the esteemed action team, from nominations made by 50+ partners including UNDP, Scouts, The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Plan International, BRAC, SOS Children’s Village, The Rwandan Government, UNESCO, the African Union and many more. In addition to the diverse talents, perspectives and ambition these young people will bring, they will also strengthen cooperation and collaboration with partners represented in this global structure.

On the 15th of October, Generation Unlimited officially welcomed the second cohort with an orientation session, where new members had the opportunity to hear directly from the Senior Leadership team on GenU’s strategic direction. It is no secret that including youth in decision-making improves the quality and impact of programmes and policies targeting young people. Through the process, young people’s active involvement also contributes to cultivating active and empowered young citizens.

The CEO of Generation Unlimited, Kevin Frey said that at Generation Unlimited young people are equal stakeholders, adding that the newest cohort join at a crucial moment in GenU’s four-year long journey:

You are here today because Generation Unlimited has an ambitious goal of being the world’s first fully-fledged Public-Private-Youth-Partnership. For 20 odd years we have heard that we can’t solve the world’s problems without public and private entities working together. At GenU we believe that the world’s problems will only be solved when young people are co-equals at that same table.

Kevin Frey, CEO of Generation Unlimited
Infographic showing GenU's work with Young People

As GenU cements young people’s role in the Public-Private-Youth Partnership, it will require new and bold collaborations between adults and young people. It demands new approaches that move beyond consultation and towards partnerships that position youth as co-creators, decision-makers, fundraisers and advocates, so that the partnership platform can be genuinely steered by the drive, passion, energy, and ambition that young people have.

The Young People’s Action Team is the central mechanism for achieving this vision.

The young leaders that have joined the YPAT represent some of the brightest young people across the globe. Many of them have launched their own successful initiatives to solve the climate crises or innovate new ways to reach marginalized young people with digital technology, and many others are mobilizing their communities and advocating for young people with disabilities, gender equity, and much more. 

“Help us ensure that we are hearing the voices of all young people. Help us uncover our blind spots so that we reach every single young person, wherever they are at,” said Frey to the new YPAT members.

Over the coming weeks, GenU will be featuring our newest YPAT members over social media channels and featuring their incredible work at the grassroots level. Tune in to hear their ambitions as they serve on GenU’s YPAT.