Young people in  Palestine innovate on Tiling Gloves

A group of  32 students created  a glove that  makes the tile-work safer  .

Benoit Sicard 
Young people in  Palestine innovates on Tiling Gloves
UNICEF Palestine
30 July 2020

Tile workers in the State of Palestine often use a rubber mallet to fix tiles in place. However, the habit of ‘slapping’ the tile is performed by quite a significant number of tile workers. Slapping the tiles (or hitting it with the palm of the hand)  can  lead to severe pain  or hand  injuries.  Despite  these hazards,  slapping tiles remains a common habit, in part because  this is often the method  taught by other tile workers,  particularly older ones.  

As part of UNICEF’s program to promote  life skills and  prepare  adolescents  for their transition to work,  some  32 students  came up with a design and  the  materials needed to create a  comfortable  glove to  protect workers without affecting their movement.  

This project shows how  young people can use  creativity and teamwork  to apply their skills and  pragmatically  solve problems.   

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