Meet the Unlimited | Saddam Sayyaleh

Saddam Sayyaleh is a Young Global Board member of Generation Unlimited from Jordan who is a social entrepreneur and Founder for I Learn Jordan Initiative

Generation Unlimited
Meet The Unlimited | Saddam Sayyaleh
Generation Unlimited
26 June 2020

Through informal education, youth volunteerism, and global partnerships, Saddam employs a community-based approach to empowering youth and children in disenfranchised communities and seeks to establish safe spaces that encourage innovation, intellectual growth, and critical thinking.

He is also an expert in community mobilization and social innovation and has developed skills in training, project management, and community outreach activities.

The time is now. The need is urgent. And 1.8 billion young people are waiting. 

"We work in rural communities to provide young people and children an opportunity to learn and to explore and also to innovate."

Generation Unlimited