Global Breakthroughs

Ten ways to deliver transformational change for young people.

A student measures shapes at a class in Burkina Faso.

It’s time to push out the frontier of what is possible.

To help every young person successfully transition from education and training to decent work, we must leverage the full potential of recent breakthroughs in research, data, technology and economics.

Generation Unlimited has defined ten Global Breakthroughs that can harness the power of major new trends to create transformational change for young people. This starts by brokering partnerships for research and development. We are bringing together key players from across sectors to overcome barriers to progress, all the while securing bold investments to bring successful innovations to scale.

Explore the Global Breakthroughs

Digital Connectivity

How can we affordably connect all schools to the Internet?

How can we give young people digital skills so they can fully and meaningfully participate in the digital economy?


How can we harness data from labour markets to shorten the feedback loop between employers and education providers so that young people develop skills that are in demand?

Green Economy

How can we provide young people with skill-development opportunities in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector?

How can we provide renewable energy to off-grid schools?

Remedial Learning

How can new breakthroughs in personalized technology-supported learning be deployed to support remedial education for young people whose education has been disrupted by conflict, shock or migration?

Remote Learning and Work

How can we expand access to remote learning and work opportunities for young people who live in refugee camps or have limited local opportunities?

Mental Health

How can we expand access to cognitive behavioural therapy for young people affected by conflict and effectively combine it with other interventions?

Instant Translation

How can we utilize instant translation services to enable more young people to access resources for learning, skills development and employment?

Portable Certification

How can we make sure that the certifications that young people receive are portable and recognized across national boundaries?


Data and Measurement

How can we better quantify and measure the effects of young people’s empowerment?

Innovative Financing

How can innovative financing mechanisms unlock the potential and solutions for young people?


What’s next?

Generation Unlimited is working to:

1. Create a consortium of experts on each Global Breakthrough. Use Generation Unlimited’s convening role and power to drive momentum. Identify sponsors of specific Global Breakthroughs.

2. Co-create tangible business plans, with the support of a consultancy firm.

3. Identify in-kind and financial contributions from each member of the consortium.

4. Hold an Ideation Summit and link with capital investors to back the plan.

5. Begin implementation of the business plans. Partners can each play a tangible role in turning the Global Breakthroughs into exciting realities, backed by investors.

6. Monitor progress, evaluate results and make adjustments for maximum impact.

Generation Unlimited is bringing together organizations and individuals with the expertise, resources and bold aspirations to deliver these Global Breakthroughs for young people.

We invite partners to express interest in specific Global Breakthroughs that they want to pursue as part of a consortium of industry leaders.

We also encourage financial investments to develop business plans on each of the Global Breakthroughs. These business plans will lay the foundations for our work and include concrete recommendations for the partnerships, solutions and innovations that can have the biggest possible impact for young people.