40,000 opportunities generated for youth in Brazil through One Million Opportunities initiative

Together with 69 partners, 1MiO, the Brazilian initiative of GenU, has created thousands of new opportunities for connectivity, upskilling, and decent jobs for vulnerable Brazilian youth

Generation Unlimited
Collage of youth in online calls
Generation Unlimited
20 April 2021

Brazil, April 21 — Since its launch 5 months ago, the One Million Opportunities (1MiO), the Brazilian initiative of GenU, engaged 69 partners to generate opportunities for vulnerable young people in Brazil. More than 40,000 opportunities were generated through the platform for access to quality education, connectivity and digital inclusion, training for the world of work, and decent job vacancies. Partners include 36 companies, 25 social organizations, governments, and international institutions. In addition, over 4 million access were recorded for 1MiO Instagram and Facebook content in the past month. 

In a digital event in partnership with TikTok Brazil, 1MiO engaged youth to create original content on TikTok. The Feirão das Oportunidades had 20 hours of broadcast and reached over 6.2 million views. Major Brazilian digital influencers joined the event to share their voices with young people about the urgency of opportunity generation for youth in Brazil. The event addressed employment trends, technology, public policies, and youth inclusion programs in companies. 

Generation Unlimited

1 MiO and Tik Tok 


20 hours of content created by young people 

215 videos produced by young people 

8 live presentations 

1.4 million views of videos produced by young people on TikTok 

466 K views in livestream during the event 

4.4 million views in posts related to the event on the 1MiO page in Social Media plataforms (Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) 

As part of the youth mobilization strategy, a server on the Discord platform was created to establish a space for sharing and exchanging information directly with 1MiO youth network. On this virtual 1MiO community, users can interact with each other, share content and opportunities and express themselves in a safe and welcoming way. This strategy also aims to develop youth as spokespersons of the initiative in their territories.

In less than a month, 4,500 young people have enrolled and are actively participating in this community. Along with the digital community and the event with TikTok, a portal, alu1mio.com.br, was launched, with four training paths for young people from basic to advanced skills training for the world of work. All courses are free and online.  

As part of 1MiO,  two main projects will be implemented for the next months including a) the launch of a Community of Practices with companies, through a series of events and virtual interactions to exchange experiences between business leaders on the inclusion of young people in vulnerable situation and b) the version 2.0 of the 1MiO platform that will be redesigned to function as a social network and facilitate the integration of the initiative with a employability programme with the Government of Brazil that serves more than 7 million young beneficiaries of social programmes throughout the country.