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Participants of the Youth Challenge in Thailand pose for a group photo.

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By leveraging financial resources, technical expertise and thought leadership across sectors, Generation Unlimited creates a platform for public-private investment in bankable, investable, at-scale solutions with and for young people. The partnership leverages its global reach and local networks to mobilize additional funding and ensure efforts are driven and implemented by local governments, development partners and communities, including young people. A lean, nimble Generation Unlimited Global Team – currently hosted by UNICEF in New York – supports Generation Unlimited country partners in implementing the Generation Unlimited business model as well as to raise funds and disburse capital.

Generation Unlimited financial capital is catalytic as it mobilizes and crowds in additional funds toward the youth agenda from multilateral development banks, domestic public resources, private commercial investment, and private capital through shared-value partnerships. With the overall Generation Unlimited catalytic funding target of $300 million by 2022, here below are some concrete ways to support the implementation of Generation Unlimited both globally and in countries:

1. Scale up effective programmes and innovation on education, training and skill development, entrepreneur-ship, youth employment and civic engagement

  • Provide financial resources to scale up proven initiatives and programmes in selected countries, as well as promising innovations
  • Design business cases for global breakthroughs to demonstrate return on investment of scaling up innovation for young people and contribute financial or technical support to implementation of business cases in selected countries
  • Organize youth challenges and contribute seed funding and incubation support for winners

2. Convening and brokering

  • Take the lead on GenU in selected countries in collaboration with national governments, mobilizing public and private partners around country assessments and the investment design of high-quality scalable opportunities and shared-value partnerships
  • Ensure meaningful participation and leadership of young people in development and execution of Country Investment Agendas

3. Provide high-quality assistance at the global and country levels to the development, implementation and monitoring of Country Investment Agendas and global breakthroughs

  • Provide technical and financial support to assess and select  GenU-ready countries
  • Contribute technical expertise and funding to undertake country assessments, develop Country Investment Agendas and design investment opportunities
  • Lend technical expertise to GenU Global Team through virtual or physical secondments in areas such as education, skills development and training, youth employment, partnerships, innovation, youth engagement, as well as research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Contribute financial resources to sustain operations of the  GenU Global Team
Maria Shatalova, 17, Volodymyr Charushyn, 16, and Fedir Stadnyk, 15, in a dancing room at their education complex for children with hearing disabilities in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Join us as a young person

Young people are at the heart of Generation Unlimited and the partnership must be steered by them.

Generation Unlimited involves young people in the co-creation of its agenda as well as its ongoing governance and implementation, ensuring that the youth guides the partnership every step of the way.

Learn more about Our Youth Movement.