Generation Unlimited Gathers World Leaders to Rewrite Future of Connectivity & Modern Education

3.7 billion people are without internet access, with children and young people most at risk of being left behind.

Generation Unlimited
11 September 2020
Generation Unlimited

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the digital divide, and closing this gap is now more urgent than ever. For this, placing universal connectivity and digital learning on top of the high level political agenda is of utmost importance.

As Co-Chair of the Generation Unlimited Leaders Group, Secretary-General Guterres convened world leaders on 1 September, 2020, for a private virtual event titled “Generation Unlimited: Connecting Half the World to Opportunities” to unite public and private sector leaders around a common vision of connecting every school and community to the internet and opportunities for modernized education for 3.5 billion children and young people by 2030.

The event aimed to galvanize a global movement of world leaders across sectors to accelerate action, greater sustained investment and public/private cooperation and help connect half of the world to opportunities. 

Learn more about the event here.