Youth Challenge 1.0 – Amigo – Zimbabwe - Video

Bringing education to remote corners of Zimbabwe

Generation Unlimited
28 July 2020
Generation Unlimited

Meet Team Amigo, developing an app to give every student in Zimbabwe equal access to textbooks, tutorials and other learning materials. They are working to bring everything educational to one central place and leverage technology so that it becomes accessible to students no matter how remote they are.

The Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge is designed to inspire young people with brilliant ideas but without the resources to bring them to life. The first round of the Youth Challenge was launched September 2018, inviting youth from 16 countries to develop big ideas for education, training and decent work. Over 800 young people participated and 80 teams were recognized at the national level. Five global winners were selected for global incubation, receiving $20,000 in funding and an opportunity to take part in a tailored mentorship and business development programme.

The global winners of the first-ever Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge convened in Cairo to take their innovative ideas on improving education, employment and civic engagement for young people to the next level.

Co-hosted by UNICEF and UNDP, the week-long incubation workshop provided an opportunity for the teams to practice pitching their ideas, receive tailored advice from successful entrepreneurs and investors, and learn about practical business development tools, including ones that can help them successfully balance impact and income.